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About Child Tracking Devices
Every parents greatest fear is that their child will be abducted or lost. To help calm these fears, invest in a tracking device for your child.
Tracking your child's safety
Devices that keep your eye on your child at all times
What is an Amber Alert?
Wikipedia information which identifies the definition of the Amber Alert
What is Megan’s Law?
Wikipedia information identifying the definition and reasoning for Megan's Law
Klaas Foundation
Advice on what to do if your child is missing, from the Klaas Foundation, the group founded after the disappearance of Polly Klaas, whose mission is to mission is to stop crimes against children.
Gavin De Becker: What should you do?
Here’s some advice for if your child goes 'missing'
The Gift of Fear
A guide for parents for over 10 years, Gavin De Becker’s book The Gift of Fear has been highly recommended by Oprah, Larry King and others
McGruff has tips for your kids
Stranger Danger
Can your kids recognize strangers? Take a 'Stranger Danger' quiz on
Protect your children from online predators
CNN offers this story on keeping your child safe from predators
Stay Safe Online: Protect your children
Stay Safe Online is a non-profit group dedicated to online safety.
Microsoft Family Safety
Microsoft offers information and guidance to help families be safe online
The Center for Missing and Exploited Children
The Center for Missing and Exploited Children offers many resources and is a great place to start your conversation
New technology that helps you keep track of your children
New Technology to Keep Track of Your Kids
From Smart Money Magazine
Parent/Child Safety Agreement
This is a parent / child safety agreement from Love Our Children USA that can be shared with your kids, signed and posted next to the computer in the house.
Love Our Children USA
Love Our Children USA is a non-profit founded on a promise to America's children to keep them safe. Their site offers information and help.
Child Safety Tips-- Protect Your Child from Sex Offenders
A set of important tips from Families Online Magazine
The Federal Trade Commission's Guide to Social Networking
Social Networking Sites: A Parent’s Guide

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